Seasoned words!!!!!


Adaeze Obi is what any man would call drop dead gorgeous. She is a lady endowed with looks and intelligence. She is simply breath taking…one that lay men would say was created on a Sunday morning.  She was friendly, intelligent, smart, graceful and above all, a God addict.

Adaeze’s is thirty  two years old  and works in one of the top financial institutions in town, she works in the marketing department and holds majority of the key accounts in her organizations. She seems to have everything going well for her, except for the one thing everyone keeps bugging her about; which is why she is yet to settle down despite throng of suitors flocking around her.

Mrs. Obi, Adaeze’s mum does not understand why her daughter, who seems to have it all, is lacking in the area of finding the right partner. She makes it a habit to fast and pray twice a week to seek God’s intervention for her daughter. She even tries to introduce eligible bachelor sons of her friends to Adaeze, all in a bid to get her settled as a wife.

Her friends also wonder why because it seems that she never lacks male admirers. Men flock around her like bees to honey. Her friends even get envious of her because of her male admirers. They believe she is truly blessed.

In church, she serves in the music department; she often leads songs on the pulpit and is the cynosure of all eyes as she offers praises to God. She is simply loved by all.

What seems to be the problem with this paragon of beauty and brains? What could be the reason why Adaeze has refused so many suitors’ hand in marriage? Why?


Adaeze had a secret she had kept from everyone for so long. It worried her so much that she cries herself to sleep most nights. She hardly spends the night outside her home as she is scared what she has been trying to hide would be found out. She had never spoken about it to anyone, not even to her pastor.

Her fear is made worse by what her mother said to her when she was a teenager. Her mother had come into her room one night around 11pm and woken her up furiously. She practically beat her to wakefulness that very night.

Adaeze woke up to hear her mum use the most derogatory words on her. She had called her a dirty pig. She had told Adaeze that it would be very hard for any man to stay married to her if she did not change. She swore that no man would be able to stand it for more than a week if nothing was done about it.

Adaeze cried all through that night because she felt it was unfair to be judged by what she had no control over. Her secret is that she snored excessively, called sleep apnea.

Adaeze had gone for so many treatments to cure her condition all to no avail. She felt there was just no cure out there for her.

This sleep condition and the words of her mother keeps ringing in her ears whenever a man showed interest. She believed the marriage would not last once the man heard her snore and she decided she would not hurt herself or any man by putting him through her problems. She believed no man can stand the sound. She lives in shame and dread and the reason why she does everything she does exceptionally. At least, she had control over that aspect of her life.

The sleep condition would just have to be hidden from everyone and forgotten. She vowed she’d rather be single than have any man see her shame.

‘Now we understand why Adaeze, the envy of friends and colleagues is single. The most damaging of it all are the words her mother uttered.’


The power of our words has an effect on us as well as those around us.  Think of a time you said something that hurt someone’s feelings.  You may not have intended to be hurtful, or maybe you did, but there was a consequence and vice versa.  Clearly our words carry energy and have power and impact.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. (Col. 4:6)

(Prov 18: 21)The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Let’s be mindful of what we say at all times!!

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