Such Disgrace!!!


Do you remember when the reality of puberty caught up with you?  Whether as male or female. Those times when you notice the changes in your appearance, voice texture, shape, etc.  Those days when the guys start noticing the appearance of slight hair growth around the corners of their mouth and they feel like they have a moustache already. I remember some would use methylated spirit on the little growth just sprouting because there was a belief that the spirit would make it grow longer.

The girls too start noticing that they have grown broader around the hip area and if blessed; a fuller breast as well. A period when we all couldn’t seem to wait to become full grown men and women.

I had my fair share. I would put Robb ointment on my lips because I couldn’t afford a lip gloss and apply a little hair cream to my bushy eyebrow to make it shiny and smooth. My mum had this Vaseline oil and I would pour so much on my hair to make it shine, I’d use so much then that it would make my black hair brown from the dust that the oil would attract which in turn makes me look like a red albino.  And I also was able to buy a brown “pancake” powder and you need to see me, if it could be peeled off, I’d have up to 5 layers to peel from my face.

Those were days your parent’s friends would look at you and comment on how much you’ve grown. If you were a girl, you’d hear phrases like “you are even more beautiful than your mother” and such would make you more aware of yourself and always try to look good.

It was a time when the boys start writing love letters and you’d see girls gathered in a corner discussing about the hottest “bloke” in school. They would all seem uninterested but secretly wished that “bloke” would look their way and ask them out.  It was a very interesting time, so much fun with little or no cares at all.

I had my share of day dreaming as well, from reading my mum’s mills and boon and her numerous Barbara Cartland series. I would go to bed each day looking forward to when my prince charming would arrive and sweep me off my feet

I remember when sent on an errand, how I would quickly powder my face before leaving, of course, without letting mum see me. It was on one of such occasions, mum had sent me on an errand that shouldn’t have taken more than five minutes…..

While coming back, I met a guy on the road, one I had been admiring from afar, one of the regular “blokes” in my neighborhood and that day he chose to chat with me. I felt like a queen, he kept on telling me all the sweet nothings about how beautiful I was (like I didn’t know already)*winks* and how he wanted me to be his special friend.

We had to stop by the road side to talk and I confess, I was enjoying our private little chat. There was no mobile phone then so he asked if he could come to my house sometimes to say hi, I was contemplating how to turn him down without sounding “childish” when I noticed a sudden look on his face. It was as if he had seen a ghost, I tried to ask him what the matter was when a hot resounding slap landed across my face from behind. I staggered from the impact and behold it was my mum, she was livid with rage.

The boy obviously ran away at that instant and trust my mum, she squeezed my ears all the way home, insulting me as we went along and that attracted stares from passersby and also from my neighborhood folks.

I wanted to disappear right there and then, I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I knew I was in soup when I got home and you can imagine how that day ended..

And yes, I refused to leave my house for two whole weeks. Thank God it happened during the holidays. Anytime I am asked to run an errand, I would almost kneel down and beg my little brother to help out, oftentimes promising him my meat from my dinner that night……

Have you ever been disgraced like this? Please share..

God bless you.