How I escaped….

I had not eaten for two days; not because I was fasting nor because I am on hunger strike. It was simply because I had the unfortunate luck to be locked up in an iron bender’s shop.

You might want to ask, was I kidnapped? The answer is NO!!  My usual self was going about my normal life activities. You see, if God made you special like He created me, you would understand how very special my duties are. I am responsible for many some perceived threat  in people’s homes, it’s not that I set out to disturb their peace…let’s just say that people are usually apprehensive when it comes to me personality.

So, how did I get locked up in the iron bender’s shop? I had been in search of something to eat. I stood afar off and watched as the iron bender hit metal against metal. His apprentices were also looking with rapt attention. I overheard him shouting at one of them, from the shadows where I was hiding.

For a split second, I thought they had discovered my presence. I looked to be sure they were oblivious of my presence and sneaked inside. I ran straight into a corner and hoped I would be able to find something to munch. Just then, the phone rang.

“Hello, who is this?” The iron bender’s voice loud in my ears.

“What? You mean my wife has had an accident? Where is she now? Okay, Okay; I am coming right away.” thundered the iron bender.

He quickly explained to his boys that he would have to lock up as his wife just got involved in a motor cycle accident. They hurriedly locked the shop, all the while not aware of my presence. I was elated. This meant I was in charge for a few hours or even days. I was prepared to enjoy every delicacy available.

When I was sure I was alone, I walked out majestically from my hiding place and ransacked the whole shop. Sure I would be lucky but alas!! After about 3 hours, I knew I was done for. How do I survive without food? And even water? I looked around and realized there was no hole in sight to even crawl out from. The shop was air tight. I feared I might suffocate to death, all manner of thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t possibly eat the iron in the shop. That would be the death of me as I would lose all my teeth in the process. This was ill luck.

After spending approximately forty eight hours in that self- made cell, I heard my “captor’s” voice outside and I heaved a sigh of relief that at last, freedom beckons. Then I realized that my joy might be short-lived. What if he saw me? And attacked? I was left with two options; fight back or run.

As soon as the front door opened, I hurriedly made a run to escape and in that instant, our eyes met. He approached me with caution and called out his boys (apprentices) to come in gently as he had an unwanted visitor in his shop.

I quickly started reciting psalm 91. I knew it was only God that would save ne from the clutches of death. The glare in the iron bender’s eyes was deadly. Suddenly he jumped and the chase began.  Six pairs of eyes, searching for me in the dim lit shop.  I hid behind some equipment and suddenly heard a loud bang above my head.  One of the boys had hit me with a bunch of broom and narrowly missed my head. I ducked neatly into the shadows and could hear my heart thumping loudly against my chest.

I made a wrong move. I saw a nylon bag and ran in, hoping to use it as a getaway. But one of them had seen me. He carried me with the nylon and hit me hard on the floor. I actually felt some ribs break. He did it again and i hit my head this time. I literarily saw stars roving over my eyes. I quickly said my last prayers and prayed to be accepted into heaven, at least.  “Oh God!!  If I can escape alive, I promise never to go where I wasn’t wanted anymore” I muttered under my breath.

Suddenly, there was a way of escape from the bag. A hole had been made from hitting me hard on the ground. I glided out like water over a glass. I realized I was bleeding from my head and nose. i prayed not to die from bleeding. I had only come in to find food oo..

They started shouting at the top of their voices not to let me escape. They threw stones, sticks and rods. I jumped over and under them all. Before they could close the open door leading to my freedom, I bolted out and ran blindly across the road. I narrowly escaped being hit by a bike and some vehicles.

I managed to get into a deserted compound; most likely the occupants had gone out. I waited and waited to be sure I wasn’t being followed. When I felt the coast was clear, I came out from my hiding and prayed to be able to get back home to my family before I bled to death.

I am happy to be alive though…despite being wounded and battered.

RATPic courtesy Bananas in Pyjamas(PNG)

Testimony by Alzo, the neighborhood rat.