A curve ball is said to be a kind of pitch in baseball. It is explained that when a curve ball is thrown, the ball doesn’t travel in a straight line as expected but curves downward as it gets close to the batter (the one who hits the ball with a bat) and it makes the ball very hard to hit.

It is therefore safe to say that when life throws us a curved ball, it is meant to surprise us with something that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with.

Maybe you just lost a job or you have been down with an illness. Or friends that you thought would be there for you are the very ones who stabbed you in the back.

Yours might be failure at an examination you had studied so hard for or a love relationship gone terrible. For some, it might be the death of a loved one and you think you cannot go on with life anymore.

These are situations that were in the least expected, meaning there were no plans in place to forestall their occurrence.

So yes, it happened. Are you going to lay there regretting not hitting the ball or for not seeing it come as a curved ball; or are you going to get up, re-position yourself and make damn sure that the next throw from the pitcher gets hit so hard by your bat?

No one stays in a pity party for long, they all leave after a little while and leave you to lick your wounds all by yourself, then pray tell me, why throw the pity party in the first place?

Think of life as a competition with yourself to make you become better and to eventually win. You have got to fight back, reclaim your victory, sing that song again, write that story again, open up your heart to love again, seek that new business opportunity again.

No matter what happens, you have got to promise yourself that you will win at this game. Winners are not born, they are made.

Strive to be better!!!

TIME actually does not wait!!

Pic courtesy: Quotesgram
Pic courtesy: Quotesgram


Wow, November. Yay!! The year is almost coming to an end.

It’s the 11th month of the year and one common thing to note is to see people hurrying to make things happen. There are deals to close, businesses to set up, homes to build, jobs to resign from, examinations to write and the list is endless.

Some have been on it since the beginning of the year and realizing that they still haven’t attained what they wanted; they delve in more and try to ensure they get it done.

Some others actually didn’t do anything since the beginning of the year. They thought they still had time and only just realized that time waits for no one. Now they are hurrying to see what they can do to at least get it done on time.

Some do not even have a clue what to do. They see people rushing to close deals or start up that dream project, etcetera before the year ends. They wonder what the end of the year rush is about. They planned to do something different in January, but circumstances prevented them. They allowed their present circumstance or FEAR to dictate, hence not being able to actually get anything done.

Which of these do you belong to? Have you started or about to? Or you do not even know what exactly to do? Or how to go about it?

Have you been the same person since January till date? Or you have blossomed into your dream’s desire? What new skill have you learnt? What new partnerships have you formed? What new thing are you bringing to the table?

Remember, God didn’t create us empty. There definitely is a lot of deposit in you. Discover it…Develop it…Use it. Don’t let FEAR keep you from manifesting.


Towards a better you!!