Sarah woke up with a terrible headache and realized it must be the after effect of the drinks she had last night. She had drank one too many and lost count at some point. It took the intervention of the bar man and some other concerned people to stop her from drowning herself in alcohol.

They had tried to get a name or phone number of any of her friends to come take her home. Thank fully Steve had called at that time and rushed there as soon as the bar man gave him directions.

She stared round the unfamiliar room, trying to remember the events of last night. She knew Steve had come to the bar and dragged her into his car but that was all she remembered. She wondered where he was as it became obvious she was in his room. He could at least have taken her to a hotel she thought. She was thankful her clothes were still on her body which means he had not taken advantage of her and her drunken state.

She managed to get up from the rumpled bed and tried to find her way to the living room and Steve knocked just as she reached the door. She opened the door and he stood there staring at her face, taking it all in. He smiled at her and led her back to the room.

“Where were you going?” he asked as he sat her on the bed and sat facing her. She replied that she just wanted to get an aspirin as her head throbbed from pain. He quickly got up and headed to the kitchen, telling her to stay where she was. He came back with aspirin, a glass of water and a cup of coffee on a tray. He explained that she had a hangover and the coffee would also help, but she insisted on the aspirin only.

Steve meant to let her freshen up once she woke up and drive her back to the bar to pick up her car without asking her questions about the incident but he couldn’t the moment he saw her that morning.

“Sarah, why did you go to the bar yesterday? I do not know you as the kind to visit bars let alone get drunk. What if someone had taken advantage of you in that state or worse, kidnapped you?” his mouth curled up on the side to show an irritating look. He didn’t approve of women drinking.

“Well, thank God you were there just in time to save the day Mr. Super hero” She retorted with sarcasm. He didn’t find it funny at all but had to control his anger, she sure didn’t know how vulnerable she looked when he saw her yesterday. Any man would desire her in that state but not him.

“I think you should take a shower. I have a t-shirt you can wear on your jeans. That blouse of yours is stained with alcohol”

“Yes sir, Thanks Steve, I owe you one” she said as she sauntered off towards the bathroom. There was no extra toothbrush so she used a cotton wool with toothpaste to clean her mouth at least. While in the bathroom, her mind went back again to the events of the other night and she held up her hands to heaven in praise, glad that Steve showed up at the nick of time.

Steve drove her back to the bar, handed over her keys to her and drove behind her until she got home safe. She was thankful the day was a Saturday and she could have more time to rest from her hangover. She called Steve some hours later to thank him for being such a good host.


Steve met Sarah in their 200 level at the university and took a liking to her. He joined in 200 level as a direct entry student had met her at the school’s kiosk. He later met her few weeks after at the fellowship on campus and his likeness for her increased. She had the most amazing eyes he had ever seen and her smile could melt the stoniest of hearts. He would go all the way to her faculty everyday just to catch a glimpse of her.

He heard sometime that she dated the biggest boys on campus and was one of the most sought after babes in school. He knew what he wanted and was determined to give it a trial, biggest boys or not, he wasn’t going to be deterred.

He was okay being her friend and getting to know her better. He found out she was one of the nicest persons he had come across in his life time. She was also very hard working and a lover of God. She doesn’t joke with fellowship and also in the charity team. She is a believer in giving to the less privileged and needy. She was just the kind of woman he desired. But he decided to wait till final year as he didn’t want to awaken love until the appropriate time as he was not ready for marriage yet.

He summed up courage in their final year to tell her of his intentions one sunny Sunday afternoon after fellowship and she just laughed in his face. She laughed so hard she held her tummy. He was shocked at her actions and demanded to know why she laughed.

“I like you Steve, you are a good man and God fearing but I only see you as a friend. Let’s leave it that way” She said

“Am I not good enough for you, is that it?” queried Steve “Is it because I do not have a car on campus and not rolling with the big boys? Don’t deny it Sarah, I know you desire such guys.”

“Well yes Steve, I like the big boys. I like them broad chested and with six packs. I want a man who will look at me and my knees will buckle, I want a man who knows what to say to me to make my heart skip, I want a man who is in tune with the realities of life and that man is not YOU!!”

“All you know is fellowship, class, books and football. I am made for more Steve. I love God too but I feel someone like you would make a boring companion and I am not ready to be bored to death” and with that she walked away from him and stayed away from him as much as she could. They only see occasionally and she was always quick to cut short whatever conversation they have.

Thank fully, they were posted to different states for their compulsory NYSC and lost contact for over a year. She never responded to his calls and would always text saying how busy she was. But luck brought them together again and this time, they both secured a job with a blue chip company on the Island in Lagos. The pay was good and they both really started living life.



Since working on the island, Sarah had dated a number of big boys that Steve had lost count. She suffered one heartbreak after another. There was even a case of one island big boy who was already married with four children pretending to be single. He actually looked like a thirty year old because of his very good looks. Not until his wife trailed him one evening as he was coming to pick Sarah from the office after close of work that the secret got revealed. His wife made an open show of them and Sarah could not believe her eyes, thank God for the intervention of one of her colleagues who helped her get away from the angry wife.

That ought to make Sarah stay clear of men, at least for a while but no, she jumped into the arms of the next available big boy she met, this time, a handsome six pack wielding guy who owned the biggest gym at Lekki. They dated for three months and she had to put an end to the affair when he used his acquired six packs to batter her at every opportunity. He got angry at the slightest provocation and took it out on her.

Amazingly, Steve had become her go-to buddy when everything comes crumbling down in her relationships. He would listen to her and speak soothing words, assuring her that one day she would find a guy who would love, cherish, treasure and honor her the way she deserved. She would cry her heart out and he was always there to comfort her. Steve even registered at a gym to build his muscles to impress her but stopped when he didn’t see results after four months.

Steve could not afford to be around her and know he could never have her and started seeking employment elsewhere without informing her. After four months, he eventually got another job at a prestigious oil and gas company. Sarah was sad to see him go as she had gotten used to always having him around. They eat lunch together whenever she wasn’t on her numerous dates and it was always one event Steve looked forward to. One note of concern for Steve was that she stopped attending church like she used to. He was particular about her not forsaking God, no matter what happened. As distance separated them, they also talked less but Steve still found ways to reach out to her once in a while.



Then Steve met Lola. He had gone out to eat lunch at the restaurant nearby when she walked in. she was a sight to behold and he couldn’t take his eyes off her, as with most men at the restaurant too. He summoned courage and reached out to her. They exchanged complimentary cards and parted ways.

They met soon afterwards and had lunch together. Steve found out she was in the drama department at her church just as he was too. They had so much to talk about, it was like they had known themselves for years.  She was just a very good girl but his mind often wandered to Sarah. He consciously reduced his conversations with Sarah to allow whatever he had for Lola to grow.

Lola seemed like the full package, no garbage, no history, church girl just like he liked, beautiful and also intelligent. He told himself he would be a fool to let her go without putting a ring on her finger.

He was in his room thinking about Lola and Sarah. It was not as if Sarah cared and she had not allowed him speak of dating her again. She always found a way to steer the conversation away from love matters.

He decided to call Sarah and bear his mind that night and instead found himself racing over 50km to save her from yet another heartbreak, hence, bringing her home drunk from the bar. It couldn’t get any worse he thought.

That night he brought her from the bar, he knew he loved her deeply and was going to wait till there was no hope anymore.




Steve dropped the call after he and Sarah had spoken and called Lola. He scheduled a lunch meeting and after they had ate, he told her how she had been a good friend but would not be able to take it further. He felt he owed her the explanation as to why they would not continue seeing each other. He was shocked at how calmly she took it.

She explained that she always noticed the distant look in his eyes anytime there were together and knew his heart belonged elsewhere. They parted ways and promised to stay in touch.

Steve went straight from the restaurant to Sarah’s house and when he announced himself, she was shocked to see him.

“But I spoke to you over the phone hours ago, are you alright Steve?”

“May I come in?” asked Steve. “Sure” she responded and let him in.

He started talking just as she shut the door behind him. “I have loved you Sarah, right from the very first time I saw you. I didn’t know what it was then but later I recognized it must be love. I stayed patiently hoping that one day you would realize my love for you and come around to love me in return. But like a puppy, you were bent on being straying and like Hosea (in the bible) I kept on saving you over and over again.”

“Sarah, I cannot do this anymore. I need closure and I have come this time to ask you, if you want me. And I promise I will respect your decision henceforth and not bother you again”

Sarah could not stand anymore and fell on the ground sobbing. Steve was shocked at her on the ground. She sobbed and stopped after some minutes. With teary eyes she said” I do not deserve you Steve. I do not deserve to be with a good man like you”.

“Stop it!!” Steve stopped her but she continued.

“The moment I realized I had feelings for you, I knew it was too late because I had been with too many men for you to ever want to have me again”.

“How can you want a woman that has been soiled and stained like me? A used up woman with no sense of shame like me? Please Steve, I do not deserve you at all, I won’t let you get the remnant of me because you deserve much more”

He bent and sat beside her on the floor, held her chin, stared into her eyes and smiled. “I love you Sarah and want you, baggage and all. I want all of you and I promise to do right by you”

“We were meant to be together Sarah and I intend to be faithful to you and stand by your side always” Steve kept smiling and Sarah kept sobbing. It was too good to be true.

They later got up from the floor, and lay cuddled up on the couch. Steve stroking her hair, telling her it’s alright and Sarah wondering how God can be so good to her after all she had done.

She vowed in her heart to make Steve the happiest husband in the world and try to make it up to him. She knew she must be blessed to be given a second chance with Steve.


Who says the cutest and best husbands must have a six pack……..





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  1. Game of love… Could be sensational, complicated, bitter, sweet, and devastating. And often time the better player bear the brunt. What an irony


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