The “Wahala” of Entrepreneurship

The life of an entrepreneur is most times not an easy one. One of the major problems faced is with staffing. Right staff with right qualifications.

I used to run a laundry business years ago. I loved the business and put in my best and ensured I gave quality to my clients, to the best of my ability.

As with most jobs, there are some that require professional certifications and degrees while some only require skills and experience. One of the core staff needed in a laundry business is a washerman.

Being a washerman required skill and experience, no school degree truly required. I believe everyone should at one time or the other washed with bare hands before, it shouldn’t truly require so much other than washing techniques and appropriate usage of powders and other additives.

We got a referral for a certain Mr A, when our washerman had to travel to see his sick mother. After putting Mr A to test which he passed (mind you, he came highly recommended) I offered him the job. All he was supposed to do was to hand wash the native fabrics ONLY.

When we process white clothes, there are some additives (not bleach, as bleach turns  whites into cream color over time) that are required to ensure the whites remain sparkling white. They are NOT supposed to be used on any other colored fabric except white. SIMPLE information!! Even the ladies who attend to customers at the office know this simple rule.

I got to the workshop one fateful day to check ongoing jobs only to discover that Mr A had put some colored Ankara fabric into the water solution meant for whites. OMG!!

“This man has killed me oo” literally escaped from my lips before I could restrain myself.

What do I tell the customer? How do I explain that his fabric got destroyed on my watch?

You know the excuse Mr A gave? He said his wife gave him troubles at home that morning before he left for work and it had been on his mind all morning. The thought  affected his concentration at work, hence putting me in trouble with one of my well paying customers!!

What do you think I did to him?

If you were my customer and got your cloth destroyed, what would your reaction be towards us?


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Word Meaning:

Wahala – Troubles