Justice Demanded

justice demanded cover


The day started like any other. Birds sang happily as they hopped from one tree to another. If they had a premonition, they probably would have sung a dirge.

She needed to be prepared for when the lock down would be finally over and being a serious student, started studying ahead.

She saw a sanctuary which should have been a safe haven. If she had any premonition, her room would have been a much better haven.

Her plea and tears fell on deaf ears. Raped and beaten, left for dead. Why; what was her crime? She had her future snatched before it ever begun.

We might never know, details of what transpired..but one thing we know. Tina’s bruised and battered body, lies cold while her killers walk about freely.

Who will console her family? Will the pain ever go away? Burying a child was not part of their 2020 agenda. Sadly, that became their reality.

We hope that she would not have died in vain.
We hope her death would stir up a change in the hearts of men to see that “No” means “No”.
No one is permitted to forcefully take it.
It does not belong to you!!
It’s not yours to snatch.


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