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I am a DIY (Do it yourself) lover and those closest to me know that I am always seeking knowledge, even when I don’t fully know what the knowledge would be ultimately used for. Most times, I sit with my laptop and spend hours doing lots and lots of research. I also always try them out to be sure I am doing it right.

Last week, I stumbled on a sponsored ad on Instagram and I felt I needed the training. Of course, these ads start with the usual free course they give as bait (lead magnet) and when you click and proceed, they dangle another offer like carrot before a rabbit, right at you again. Long story short, I fell for the carrot.

The initial fee was too high for me and I signed off but the very next day, there came an offer of a 30% reduction in price and as an awoof lover, I clicked the link and it took me straight for payment.

At this time, I checked my account balance to know if I can afford it but alas!! If I make the payment, I would be left with only N5000 in my account. But I was the one seeking more knowledge abi? So, I copied the account details and logged into my account to pay.

The moment I typed in the amount to pay, I hesitated for some seconds as I had second thoughts, if I should click submit or not. I looked around my living room for validation from my family members, but no one noticed or knew my dilemma as they were all engrossed in their own wahala.

Anyways I clicked submit, and as the payment was being authenticated, the cursor rolling before my eyes, it was as if I had made a mistake, I frantically tried to end the transaction but behold, the transaction went successfully. I had no choice any more than to forward my payment details so I can be allowed to take the training.

I eventually took the class and halfway into the slides and videos, a tear ran down my cheek. I stared at the computer because I knew everything being taught and even more. I did not gain a single thing from the training. Money and time wasted!!

Who do I blame? The course owner? Of course not, she only saw an opportunity in the market and took advantage of it. I had loads of contents written down from two years ago on the subject to make me an authority, but the feeling of NOT ENOUGH will not allow me to be great.

That is about to change!! This loss of money because that is what it is, has opened my eyes to the fact that all my research has been worth it and even when people gave feedback about the products I churned out, the need for perfection won’t allow me accept that I have indeed done a good job.

I promise to change and believe in myself more henceforth. To give myself a pat on the back for every feat I achieve, be it big or small and to know that I have so much in me to offer the world. I will do it afraid, make mistakes and learn from it. I wont let fear keep me from becoming!! In fact, I am grateful I paid that money, it was the eye opener I truly needed.

What is that one lesson you learnt recently and that you are committed to abide by? Please feel free to share with us.


Thank you for reading and stay safe out there friends.


I had a chat with a friend last week and we did catch up on a lot of topics. We attended university together and saw each other once or twice in a year.

The last meeting we had, we had talked about our plans for the next phase of our businesses and discussed strategies to ensure we covered at least eighty percent of our projections.

As we chatted over drinks, I asked her why she had not taken the steps outlined and why she was hesitant. She took a deep breath and sighed resignedly; this gave me concern.

“Kemi, I am afraid. I am afraid all my plans will work out and might probably become too successful. Fact is, I am not sure I am mentally ready for that kind of success yet” she explained.

Was I shocked? That was an understatement!! I was too shocked that it took me almost five minutes before I could utter a word.

I have heard of people who didn’t take some steps that can advance them in life due to fear of failure, fear of taking risks; but never had I imagined I would know someone who would be afraid to succeed!

Fear, whose acronym is false evidence appearing real is nothing more than an illusion to keep you safe. Safe from what? Safe from the perceived danger that is probably just a figment of our imagination.

“Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the “someday I’ll do this or that” philosophy – Denis Waitley.

Why would anyone fear the very thing they have ever wanted and so much too? What is the point of toiling day and night if it’s not to be a success story? I believe the fear of the hard work that would go into the task is what really holds people down from forging ahead with their plans.

Hard work can be terrifying as it means putting all that you are into it with little or no success guaranteed. It requires lots of discipline, a can-do spirit and tenacity.

How many are willing to go all the way; burn the candles at both ends or dedicate themselves to their skills?

Which is why hard work is not for everyone and only a few become successful because they are willing to dedicate themselves to their skill.

My conclusion is this: we are not afraid of success as it were, we are only afraid that maybe, after putting in the works and doing everything we can, that maybe, we might not still attain that success and exactly the way we have envisioned it to be.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Fear can overtake us, but our God is all-powerful and will offer us all the strength we need to become who He wants us to become. He is the one who can exceed our expectations and show Himself faithful to our cause.





A curve ball is said to be a kind of pitch in baseball. It is explained that when a curve ball is thrown, the ball doesn’t travel in a straight line as expected but curves downward as it gets close to the batter (the one who hits the ball with a bat) and it makes the ball very hard to hit.

It is therefore safe to say that when life throws us a curved ball, it is meant to surprise us with something that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with.

Maybe you just lost a job or you have been down with an illness. Or friends that you thought would be there for you are the very ones who stabbed you in the back.

Yours might be failure at an examination you had studied so hard for or a love relationship gone terrible. For some, it might be the death of a loved one and you think you cannot go on with life anymore.

These are situations that were in the least expected, meaning there were no plans in place to forestall their occurrence.

So yes, it happened. Are you going to lay there regretting not hitting the ball or for not seeing it come as a curved ball; or are you going to get up, re-position yourself and make damn sure that the next throw from the pitcher gets hit so hard by your bat?

No one stays in a pity party for long, they all leave after a little while and leave you to lick your wounds all by yourself, then pray tell me, why throw the pity party in the first place?

Think of life as a competition with yourself to make you become better and to eventually win. You have got to fight back, reclaim your victory, sing that song again, write that story again, open up your heart to love again, seek that new business opportunity again.

No matter what happens, you have got to promise yourself that you will win at this game. Winners are not born, they are made.

Strive to be better!!!

TIME actually does not wait!!

Pic courtesy: Quotesgram
Pic courtesy: Quotesgram


Wow, November. Yay!! The year is almost coming to an end.

It’s the 11th month of the year and one common thing to note is to see people hurrying to make things happen. There are deals to close, businesses to set up, homes to build, jobs to resign from, examinations to write and the list is endless.

Some have been on it since the beginning of the year and realizing that they still haven’t attained what they wanted; they delve in more and try to ensure they get it done.

Some others actually didn’t do anything since the beginning of the year. They thought they still had time and only just realized that time waits for no one. Now they are hurrying to see what they can do to at least get it done on time.

Some do not even have a clue what to do. They see people rushing to close deals or start up that dream project, etcetera before the year ends. They wonder what the end of the year rush is about. They planned to do something different in January, but circumstances prevented them. They allowed their present circumstance or FEAR to dictate, hence not being able to actually get anything done.

Which of these do you belong to? Have you started or about to? Or you do not even know what exactly to do? Or how to go about it?

Have you been the same person since January till date? Or you have blossomed into your dream’s desire? What new skill have you learnt? What new partnerships have you formed? What new thing are you bringing to the table?

Remember, God didn’t create us empty. There definitely is a lot of deposit in you. Discover it…Develop it…Use it. Don’t let FEAR keep you from manifesting.


Towards a better you!!

Motivating Yourself


Lately on the social media, a lot of innovations are being bought to the fore. There have been a lot of online contents videos that makes you wonder if it’s going out of fashion.

Most of these are found personal video blogs (vlogs) and some on the new rave of the moment (Going Live on Facebook).

While I do not hold brief for any of them, I must say that they often churn out great online content. Most of those videos range from how to start your own online content, how to design your blog, how to get your target audience and the likes. They offer you some tips for free and then you have to pay a certain amount of money to purchase the “real deal” if you are actually serious about learning. Your inboxes gets bombarded with lots of emails you sometimes wonder if you should unsubscribe.

My two cents on the matter is this: NO ONE can motivate you better than YOURSELF. No one knows you like you do. Sometimes, you can’t even explain you to yourself. The only thing these “motivators” do is to encourage you, but you have got to have something on the inside that needs to be motivated into existence.

Find yourself first. Study about yourself. Take stock of your past and use it to forecast your future. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Know your limits. Set your realistic goals and targets. Be aware of your environment. Improve on yourself. Use Google.

Don’t measure yourself by another’s opinion of you. Plan to take it one step at a time. Don’t beat yourself up if you do fail. There won’t be success stories if there hadn’t been failures!

If you do not believe in yourself enough, no matter what anyone tells you out there, you are never going to be able to become the picture they paint of you.


Keep Being Better!!!!


Picture Credit: Bizreport