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How I escaped….

I had not eaten for two days; not because I was fasting nor because I am on hunger strike. It was simply because I had the unfortunate luck to be locked up in an iron bender’s shop.

You might want to ask, was I kidnapped? The answer is NO!!  My usual self was going about my normal life activities. You see, if God made you special like He created me, you would understand how very special my duties are. I am responsible for many some perceived threat  in people’s homes, it’s not that I set out to disturb their peace…let’s just say that people are usually apprehensive when it comes to me personality.

So, how did I get locked up in the iron bender’s shop? I had been in search of something to eat. I stood afar off and watched as the iron bender hit metal against metal. His apprentices were also looking with rapt attention. I overheard him shouting at one of them, from the shadows where I was hiding.

For a split second, I thought they had discovered my presence. I looked to be sure they were oblivious of my presence and sneaked inside. I ran straight into a corner and hoped I would be able to find something to munch. Just then, the phone rang.

“Hello, who is this?” The iron bender’s voice loud in my ears.

“What? You mean my wife has had an accident? Where is she now? Okay, Okay; I am coming right away.” thundered the iron bender.

He quickly explained to his boys that he would have to lock up as his wife just got involved in a motor cycle accident. They hurriedly locked the shop, all the while not aware of my presence. I was elated. This meant I was in charge for a few hours or even days. I was prepared to enjoy every delicacy available.

When I was sure I was alone, I walked out majestically from my hiding place and ransacked the whole shop. Sure I would be lucky but alas!! After about 3 hours, I knew I was done for. How do I survive without food? And even water? I looked around and realized there was no hole in sight to even crawl out from. The shop was air tight. I feared I might suffocate to death, all manner of thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t possibly eat the iron in the shop. That would be the death of me as I would lose all my teeth in the process. This was ill luck.

After spending approximately forty eight hours in that self- made cell, I heard my “captor’s” voice outside and I heaved a sigh of relief that at last, freedom beckons. Then I realized that my joy might be short-lived. What if he saw me? And attacked? I was left with two options; fight back or run.

As soon as the front door opened, I hurriedly made a run to escape and in that instant, our eyes met. He approached me with caution and called out his boys (apprentices) to come in gently as he had an unwanted visitor in his shop.

I quickly started reciting psalm 91. I knew it was only God that would save ne from the clutches of death. The glare in the iron bender’s eyes was deadly. Suddenly he jumped and the chase began.  Six pairs of eyes, searching for me in the dim lit shop.  I hid behind some equipment and suddenly heard a loud bang above my head.  One of the boys had hit me with a bunch of broom and narrowly missed my head. I ducked neatly into the shadows and could hear my heart thumping loudly against my chest.

I made a wrong move. I saw a nylon bag and ran in, hoping to use it as a getaway. But one of them had seen me. He carried me with the nylon and hit me hard on the floor. I actually felt some ribs break. He did it again and i hit my head this time. I literarily saw stars roving over my eyes. I quickly said my last prayers and prayed to be accepted into heaven, at least.  “Oh God!!  If I can escape alive, I promise never to go where I wasn’t wanted anymore” I muttered under my breath.

Suddenly, there was a way of escape from the bag. A hole had been made from hitting me hard on the ground. I glided out like water over a glass. I realized I was bleeding from my head and nose. i prayed not to die from bleeding. I had only come in to find food oo..

They started shouting at the top of their voices not to let me escape. They threw stones, sticks and rods. I jumped over and under them all. Before they could close the open door leading to my freedom, I bolted out and ran blindly across the road. I narrowly escaped being hit by a bike and some vehicles.

I managed to get into a deserted compound; most likely the occupants had gone out. I waited and waited to be sure I wasn’t being followed. When I felt the coast was clear, I came out from my hiding and prayed to be able to get back home to my family before I bled to death.

I am happy to be alive though…despite being wounded and battered.

RATPic courtesy Bananas in Pyjamas(PNG)

Testimony by Alzo, the neighborhood rat.

My Dreadlocks journey!!

dreadlocks pic

When I made a post two years ago about the natural hair frenzy…I remember I said I might join the wagon soon. In all honesty, I didn’t think too much about what i said then. It was just for conversation sake, you know!!

Not long after, I got tired of the weaves and Ghana weaving. Not to mention the heat in this part of the world we find ourselves. I then decided to go to the salon and do something about it. I did the big CHOP!! The hair dresser didn’t want me to cut it; some other ladies and salon workers also begged me, because I had a considerable amount of lengthy hair. but my mind was made up and the deed was done.

I rocked my Hale Berry Short hair style for three months and was particularly happy i could pour water on it whenever i felt like it. Wake up the next morning, bring out my hair straightener and spray gel and voila! I was ready to hit the road. Then as the days went by, I realized that i could do something more with the 20-30 minutes spent styling my short hair and sought for “what else i can do to make my hair more manageable”.

Then i did a little research, asked questions from friends….and I decided to join the dreadlocks train.The journey started at a salon at Surulere in Lagos. The guy explained more to me about the “journey i was to embark upon” and possible hitches. I took it all in and said ” I was ready”. The process was a bit painful at first because mine was locked from day 1. And since it was short hair, and with some little traces of perm, it saw me going back to the salon frequently.

Now, I am loving my dreads. I have more time on my hands for more stuffs, I get to bathe with the shower and get my hair wet; it is easy to style; there is no more complaints of weave strands on the room floor(married ladies will understand this part) and i get to scratch the roots of my hair easily without having to hit my head like a “raving lunatic”

Are you on dreadlocks? Or simply rocking your natural hair? Let’s know why you embarked on the journey and how it has been. Till then…stay blessed.

Such Disgrace!!!


Do you remember when the reality of puberty caught up with you?  Whether as male or female. Those times when you notice the changes in your appearance, voice texture, shape, etc.  Those days when the guys start noticing the appearance of slight hair growth around the corners of their mouth and they feel like they have a moustache already. I remember some would use methylated spirit on the little growth just sprouting because there was a belief that the spirit would make it grow longer.

The girls too start noticing that they have grown broader around the hip area and if blessed; a fuller breast as well. A period when we all couldn’t seem to wait to become full grown men and women.

I had my fair share. I would put Robb ointment on my lips because I couldn’t afford a lip gloss and apply a little hair cream to my bushy eyebrow to make it shiny and smooth. My mum had this Vaseline oil and I would pour so much on my hair to make it shine, I’d use so much then that it would make my black hair brown from the dust that the oil would attract which in turn makes me look like a red albino.  And I also was able to buy a brown “pancake” powder and you need to see me, if it could be peeled off, I’d have up to 5 layers to peel from my face.

Those were days your parent’s friends would look at you and comment on how much you’ve grown. If you were a girl, you’d hear phrases like “you are even more beautiful than your mother” and such would make you more aware of yourself and always try to look good.

It was a time when the boys start writing love letters and you’d see girls gathered in a corner discussing about the hottest “bloke” in school. They would all seem uninterested but secretly wished that “bloke” would look their way and ask them out.  It was a very interesting time, so much fun with little or no cares at all.

I had my share of day dreaming as well, from reading my mum’s mills and boon and her numerous Barbara Cartland series. I would go to bed each day looking forward to when my prince charming would arrive and sweep me off my feet

I remember when sent on an errand, how I would quickly powder my face before leaving, of course, without letting mum see me. It was on one of such occasions, mum had sent me on an errand that shouldn’t have taken more than five minutes…..

While coming back, I met a guy on the road, one I had been admiring from afar, one of the regular “blokes” in my neighborhood and that day he chose to chat with me. I felt like a queen, he kept on telling me all the sweet nothings about how beautiful I was (like I didn’t know already)*winks* and how he wanted me to be his special friend.

We had to stop by the road side to talk and I confess, I was enjoying our private little chat. There was no mobile phone then so he asked if he could come to my house sometimes to say hi, I was contemplating how to turn him down without sounding “childish” when I noticed a sudden look on his face. It was as if he had seen a ghost, I tried to ask him what the matter was when a hot resounding slap landed across my face from behind. I staggered from the impact and behold it was my mum, she was livid with rage.

The boy obviously ran away at that instant and trust my mum, she squeezed my ears all the way home, insulting me as we went along and that attracted stares from passersby and also from my neighborhood folks.

I wanted to disappear right there and then, I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I knew I was in soup when I got home and you can imagine how that day ended..

And yes, I refused to leave my house for two whole weeks. Thank God it happened during the holidays. Anytime I am asked to run an errand, I would almost kneel down and beg my little brother to help out, oftentimes promising him my meat from my dinner that night……

Have you ever been disgraced like this? Please share..

God bless you.


Seasoned words!!!!!


Adaeze Obi is what any man would call drop dead gorgeous. She is a lady endowed with looks and intelligence. She is simply breath taking…one that lay men would say was created on a Sunday morning.  She was friendly, intelligent, smart, graceful and above all, a God addict.

Adaeze’s is thirty  two years old  and works in one of the top financial institutions in town, she works in the marketing department and holds majority of the key accounts in her organizations. She seems to have everything going well for her, except for the one thing everyone keeps bugging her about; which is why she is yet to settle down despite throng of suitors flocking around her.

Mrs. Obi, Adaeze’s mum does not understand why her daughter, who seems to have it all, is lacking in the area of finding the right partner. She makes it a habit to fast and pray twice a week to seek God’s intervention for her daughter. She even tries to introduce eligible bachelor sons of her friends to Adaeze, all in a bid to get her settled as a wife.

Her friends also wonder why because it seems that she never lacks male admirers. Men flock around her like bees to honey. Her friends even get envious of her because of her male admirers. They believe she is truly blessed.

In church, she serves in the music department; she often leads songs on the pulpit and is the cynosure of all eyes as she offers praises to God. She is simply loved by all.

What seems to be the problem with this paragon of beauty and brains? What could be the reason why Adaeze has refused so many suitors’ hand in marriage? Why?


Adaeze had a secret she had kept from everyone for so long. It worried her so much that she cries herself to sleep most nights. She hardly spends the night outside her home as she is scared what she has been trying to hide would be found out. She had never spoken about it to anyone, not even to her pastor.

Her fear is made worse by what her mother said to her when she was a teenager. Her mother had come into her room one night around 11pm and woken her up furiously. She practically beat her to wakefulness that very night.

Adaeze woke up to hear her mum use the most derogatory words on her. She had called her a dirty pig. She had told Adaeze that it would be very hard for any man to stay married to her if she did not change. She swore that no man would be able to stand it for more than a week if nothing was done about it.

Adaeze cried all through that night because she felt it was unfair to be judged by what she had no control over. Her secret is that she snored excessively, called sleep apnea.

Adaeze had gone for so many treatments to cure her condition all to no avail. She felt there was just no cure out there for her.

This sleep condition and the words of her mother keeps ringing in her ears whenever a man showed interest. She believed the marriage would not last once the man heard her snore and she decided she would not hurt herself or any man by putting him through her problems. She believed no man can stand the sound. She lives in shame and dread and the reason why she does everything she does exceptionally. At least, she had control over that aspect of her life.

The sleep condition would just have to be hidden from everyone and forgotten. She vowed she’d rather be single than have any man see her shame.

‘Now we understand why Adaeze, the envy of friends and colleagues is single. The most damaging of it all are the words her mother uttered.’


The power of our words has an effect on us as well as those around us.  Think of a time you said something that hurt someone’s feelings.  You may not have intended to be hurtful, or maybe you did, but there was a consequence and vice versa.  Clearly our words carry energy and have power and impact.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. (Col. 4:6)

(Prov 18: 21)The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.

Let’s be mindful of what we say at all times!!