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The au naturalle Frenzy

The natural hair look
The natural hair look

Hi ladies, sure this is no news anymore…more and more ladies have been transiting to the natural hair look since 2012. Ignorant me didn’t know until last month when I stumbled upon a website advocating for women to embrace the natural hair look.

Spoke to a cousin of mine who lives in the UK some weeks back and she was excited telling me about her new look and how friends tell her it makes her look like a teenager. To be honest, I was tempted to try the look….but wait a minute, is it that the natural look is easier to manage as they claim or some new hair product manufacturer trying to carve a niche for themselves by this new hair revolution?

Some advise on steps to transition from a relaxed hair method to the natural look, others simply tell you to cut off your perms and grow the natural from start.

I have had my braids off my hair for a week now, it’s hell trying to comb it because of the new growth underneath…thinking of what to do to it.

Should I join the natural hair campaign band wagon or do I honestly take up my relaxer and end the nightmare I am going through?

3 thoughts on “Random Talk”

  1. Hmmmm, Sound interesting though… Takes me down memory lane of those old pictures of my mum with her thick dark afro on blocked chunky heels to match… Lolzzz! Trust me, Way back looks do rock now. I think you should give it a try, forget about the undergrowth, condition and shampoo wash, nurse it till you’ll love it


  2. My natural hair…Its been 6 months since I had my big chop! 6 months natural and its been quite a journey, I have had times when I have been so frustrated with my hair! arrrgh!!!! I have wanted to scream and been tempted to get my hair relaxed..i have to say it has not been easy at all. I absolutely love getting compliments and I like knowing that I am all natural so it has been worth it.
    It has taken hours of watching YouTube and buying many many products just to soften my hair (extra virgin olive oil is a must have).
    Some people transition gradually and some just chop it all off which I did (I shed a few tears tho…). You have to start to get to know your hair, your hair type, your curl pattern and all that.
    I don’t have my natural hair out all year because the weather can be harsh so in the winter months I mainly have protective styling(braids)
    But yeah I will encourage all the black sisters to embrace their natural hair if they can. I can guarantee that it will be an interesting journey. I am still going strong and I guess I will have to see how long I can …:)


    1. Am truly inspired by your resolve to take on natural hair journey. Keep it up sis..and i’m sure it suits you perfectly. Who knows, might join the train soon. *fingers crossed)


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