Once upon a time……

Dilemma of a working Woman!!


‘Grinnnnnng:”” sounds the bedside alarm. She takes a look at the bedside clock and it says 4.o’Cclock. She begins to wonder if she had slept that long…suddenly; she remembers she slept at half past eleven the previous day.

She hurriedly gets up and says her prayer for 5 minutes…postpones the bible study till she gets to the office. Goes about preparing the kids lunch for school, hurriedly makes husband’s breakfast and then rushes into the bathroom. She comes out, goes over to the bedside and gently nudges her husband to get up and go take his bath….he is done in 5 minutes and dresses up and they both leave the house.

Wondering where the kids are? Asleep but will be woken up by the nanny who will prepare them for school……

Sounds familiar? Or take another example….


Phone rings……

Working mum: hello mama (it’s her mother in-law)

Mama: don’t mama me at all…..if I don’t call, you always never do

Working mum: Haba mama!! But you know it’s not true, at least I call you once a week.

Mama: is once a week enough for me to ask after my son and grandchildren? Are you the only woman who works?

Working mum: I am sorry ma. Please hang up let me call you back

Mama: don’t worry; you might be whisked off for a meeting as soon as I hang up. I just called to check up on you and my children. Also to inform you I might be coming over by the end of the month if its okay by you?

Working mum: that will be lovely ma. The kids would love that……….. (And the conversation goes on….)

The two scenarios painted above are what an average working mum experiences and even more, depending on all she gets involved in daily.

Tell me, is it possible to combine being a wife, a mother, a career woman, a daughter inlaw, a chef, a friend, a sister……and not go berserk? Especially if you work in the city of Lagos characterized by incessant traffic, epileptic power supply,

How does one maintain sanity and decorum as a working mum and still be the epitome of womanhood?

Gone were the days when the woman stays at home to take care of the home…the economy now dictates if a woman should work or stay at home. The need for independence at times also informs the decision to work…..but whatever one chooses to do, it is imperative to strike a balance so that our lives and relationships are not affected negatively because of our decisions.

God’s grace is what we need!! God wants us to mess up and even get tired so that He can show us that it is okay to cast all our cares on Him.

Most times as mums, we feel it’s okay to do all of those things by ourselves and forget totally the existence of God. Remember His word which says ‘for by strength shall no man prevail’ (1 Samuel 2:9b)

His grace makes our day to day activities easy and helps us to bear  the challenges that might come our way. Commit all into His hands and let Him help you go through each day for His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Stay blessed.

Odusanya Oluwakemi.





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