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The beautiful wanna be…..




Kate had just gotten admission into the university and like anyone her age, was ecstatic. She had spent two years at home because she could not make her Jamb results. When home became unbearable for her due to pressure from her dad about why she has been unable to secure admission like her friends, she had resorted to secluding herself from every pleasure (movies, outings and her iPod) to focus on intensive studying and thank God it paid off.

Kate had been a reserved girl all through her life. Her friends used to tease her about taking life too seriously but she knew what exactly she wanted from life and vowed to do all it takes to be successful. Her mother would always call her and tell her to remember the child of whom she is and not to disappoint her family and most especially God.

This made her resolve not to have any boyfriend while in secondary school unlike all her other friends. They often teased her about being “Mary the virgin” but she held on to her belief and decision to be different.

Her first semester in the university was one of the most hectic months of her life. Lectures and assignments and all the registration issues she had had taken its toll on her. She didn’t know this was how school was. She quietly thanked God for experiencing it because she knows there are many out there who would give anything to be in her shoes.

The first semester ended with Kate having a 4.2 GP. It was a feat has been a rare occurrence in engineering department of that school, especially for a first year student. She vowed to keep up her grades by working harder.

Because the school had gone on 2 months ASUU strike earlier, the students were only given a week holiday before second semester resumption. Second semester started with the usual hustle and bustle. Some students play and engage in too many social activities and only prepare for examination when it is only 2 weeks away. One of the social events that occurred in second semester was Valentine’s Day. It was greatly celebrated by the students.

Kate’s two roommates, Bisi and Tola both got beautiful gifts from their boyfriends and somehow, Kate felt lonely. Especially when evening came and her roommates went to the valentine’s party organized by the student union executives. Later in the morning when her friends returned, all excited and talking about how great the party was, it made her think and conclude that she won’t be alone the next Valentine’s Day. She vowed though, to make sure she gets a bible believing boyfriend, one who would not make her fall into sin.

Kate being a very beautiful eighteen year old lady and with the right curves at the right places, had lots of admirers. Ranging from good boys to cult boys, but she was looking for one that had a Christian background. She believed she would be able to imbibe her biblical principles if she dated a Christian boy. Her friends also introduced guys they thought would interest her, but she had no interest in them.

Would she find that Christian guy who would ensure she stays on track as a Christian lady?? Watch out for the concluding part.

(Proverbs 1:10 When sinners entice thee, consent thou not)

The search for a godly boyfriend had taken so much of Kate’s time that it had started affecting her concentration with school lectures. It was as if she had forgotten the reason why she was in school in the first place.

one sunny afternoon, Kate and Bisi had just finished lectures and strolled to the park to take a bus home since they stayed in a hostel off campus. To their dismay, there was no bus in sight but a long queue of students. Lucky ones who had friends with cars started calling them to find out if they could hitch a ride into town. Just when Kate thought she couldn’t take the scorching sun anymore, a car parked just by the curb besides her and offered her a ride into town. She quickly peeped to confirm that the driver was a student and not a sugar daddy and jumped in, dragging Bisi into the car as well.

They were so grateful to the guy who later gave his name as Jude. He is a 300 level student of economics and stayed in town as well. His father was the pastor of the new breed Pentecostal church in town. He also spoke so eloquently like a pastor that Kate secretly wished he would ask her out. She hoped that he would be the one to be her Val during the next year’s Valentine’s Day.

Jude eventually asked her out and they started dating. He knew so many scriptures that she believed he must have been sent from heaven. They went everywhere together and the only place she hadn’t followed him to was his house. He played the gentleman all through.

Her roommates were shocked when she told them he had not even asked her for a kiss. “He is such a God fearing guy” Bisi said. And they all laughed about it. Two days later, Jude was absent in school and Kate found out from his friend that he was ill and also called him to confirm, telling him she would see him after lectures. When lectures ended, she went to the market and got fruits and a get well card to take to him. She met him on the couch in his one room apartment shivering. She moved close to feel his temperature and that was when he grabbed her.

He pushed her onto the bed and kissed her. He got up quickly and locked the door with the key, removed the key and threw it behind the desk. Kate suddenly realized what he intended to do and got on her knees to plead, begging him in God’s name, reminding him that he was a Christian. He only laughed and told her it was all a ploy to get her to trust him. He said he was actually Tola’s friend and Tola had told him Kate only wanted a Christian boyfriend. She made attempts to run and get the key and they struggled until he was able to overpower her. He succeeded in raping her. She felt as if her world had crumbled.

What would she do now? Who would she tell? How could she face her parents with such news? How would she face God knowing that she had disappointed Him? She cried all the way home. When she got to the door of her room, she quickly wiped her tears so that no one would know. She pretended that she and Jude had a little misunderstanding and had called off the relationship.

A month later, exactly in the month of November, she discovered she had missed her period and realized she must be pregnant. She told her roommates who pitied her but had no solution to her problem. She told Jude who claimed it was only once they had sex. Her whole world came crumbling right before her eyes. She had disappointed her parents. She had disappointed God and couldn’t even pray since the rape. She felt like turning back the hands of time. She had no choice but to go home and inform her parents.

Her parents were highly disappointed in her. What had happened to the innocent God fearing girl they knew? How could she have gotten herself pregnant? To think they had boasted to their friends about her good grades? They were really sad and broken hearted.

Kate had to withdraw from school and defer her admission indefinitely. And of course, the valentine came the following year, but she spent hers in sadness and all alone because it was the thought of not spending Valentine alone that led her to the predicament she found herself. Her roommates stopped calling after a while because they had to concentrate on their studies.

Shouldn’t Kate have faced her studies more and focused on being rather than envying the things that the world enjoys. Shouldn’t she have realized that friendship with the world brings enmity with God? Didn’t she realize she ought to flee every appearance of evil?

She learned the lesson the hard way. I pray the grace to stand for God always be made available to us in Jesus name.

II Timothy 2:22 flee also youthful lusts but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.